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Sunday, March 3, 2013


Our Warriors Homeschool Organization was playing for the KCAA High School State Basketball Championships this weekend . This is the organization that Sunshine is going to be playing soccer with. (actually has started practicing already) We have friends that have played soccer and basketball with them and we love to go to their games to support the kids. They are wonderful teams with supportive staff and players.

So, we decided to go and support them in their bid for state champs. The girls played first and won second place. They did a great job against a team that used foul language, argued with the refs, and played dirty. Yes, it was a 'Christian' school. This is the same team that has a coach for the high school boys team that was arguing with the ref for almost 10 minutes and then treated the refs like they were idiots. He was yelling, cussing, and just plain being a bad representative of his school.

Anyway, our girls played with integrity and can hold their heads up high. They are a great group of girls.

The boys played next for first place against a larger Christian school. It was a hard fought game and there were some pretty questionable calls by the ref, or non-calls actually, but we ended up WINNING! Our boys played hard and kept their integrity even in the midst of some dangerous playing.  It was fun to cheer our players on and thrilling to see them excel at their sports.

We are so excited for Sunshine to start her soccer season, with games in a few weeks.  The girls have all been welcoming, the coach is dedicated, and the girls are required to keep their commitment to the team.  We are looking forward to seeing the growth as a player and in her personal life through this team.

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