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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thursday oh Thursday

This Thursday was one like none other.  Why you ask?  Because we were going on vacation with another family that wasn't blood related.

We have never done that.  I don't think anyway.  lol

We made plans to go to Silver Dollar City and stay in a house with this other family.  Now mind you, this other family really is family to us.  We love them all dearly and see them several times a week. But heading off on vacation with people takes things to a whole new level.  know what I mean?  ;-)

Grandma came and picked Bug up early so we set off around 1pm.  We drove down together, making stops together, making memories. 

We were all looking forward to it.  I mean we were really ready to get away. 

Plus, our family had never been to an amusement park before so this was an especially big treat for us!  Yeah, I know.  We are depriving our kiddos.  lol  But with a family our size it gets pretty pricey to do things like that.

Anyway, we got to the house we were renting and it was beautiful!  There were enough beds for everyone except the lone boy.  Sorry, R.  You took it like a champ, though.  The only problem with the house was that we couldn't figure out how to run three of the DVD players! lol 

We got up early to head to the park on Friday morning and it was raining.  No problem, we won't melt.  It was only a drizzle off and on so we were undeterred. 

Our friends had passes for us-huge bonus and the only way we could make the trip.  Once inside Silver Dollar City we were inundated with sights, sounds, and smells.  There was way too much to see in one day. 

We made a plan, sent the oldest four off on their own, then moved through the park.  We rode the train and laughed like crazy when the actors had to improvise most of the script!  We took the kids to a play area for younger ones, then headed to Fire in the Hole. 

Now, I do not like roller coasters.  At all.  Can't do them.  But, our youngest wanted to ride it so I went.  It wasn't that bad.  The dark really got to me though and made me dizzy.  Bean however LOVED it!! 

We texted the oldest and found out they were in line for the Powder Keg.  My girls have never ridden roller coasters and they are going to ride the Powder Keg.

We made it over there in time to see them just before they took off.  Holy cow that thing is crazy!  The girls were bugged eyed waiting for the zero to 100...I thought they would throw up.

They didn't.  They made it but they might not ever get on a coaster again!! 

We ate our lunch, bought souvenirs, and headed over to the kid area.  Bean wanted to do the kid swings so I had to go with her.  Steven was with someone else so I was stuck. 

I HATED THE SWINGS.  They lift the whole thing up way too high and spin you in sickening circles.  I was begging God to end my nightmare the entire time. Yeah, I'm a wimp!

There were a few other rides and then the rain started in earnest.  We made our way to Thunderation for those that wanted to ride it.  I was not one of them.  Our youngest two rode it with Steven. 

Bean loved that one too.  Peanut not so much.  She kept getting lifted out of her seat and thought she would fall out.

We ended the full day back at the house eating burritos. 

It was a great day and everyone slept well that night.

Saturday we woke up, cleaned the house, and went shopping! 

The drive home too way longer than the trip down there but we made it home without incident. 

It was a great vacation! 

Oh and the two soccer players lucked out bc the games were cancelled for the weekend!! lol

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