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Sunday, March 11, 2012

It was the ladder, really

so...I have been meaning to take apart the bunk beds in the room upstairs since the 14yo doesn't want them. I have really just been avoiding it but the big, sad, blue eyes kept haunting me.

Hence the chaos of the day.

After soccer games-both girls won!!-we came home and started to work. Steven needed to work on BSF so it was just the older two girls and I. Yay.

I helped put the beds together so how hard could it be, right? ahem, there were two girls helping was going to be very hard!

I was doing pretty well and getting it all apart with the pieces put in a zip-loc and all was well.

Until I had to take off the ladder.

I was removing the bolts and screws that held the ladder on when I found that I couldn't get to two of the screws. I had to stop with the top part of the ladder and work on the bottom part.

No problem.

Except that the girls were distracting me and I forgot the number one rule. Safety.

I got the last of the bottom screws out just in time to remember that they were what was holding the ladder in place. The ladder pivoted on the one remaining bold and landed squarely on my head.

Oh yeah, that's right. It flee flush to my ear and I heard a popping noise. It hurt like fire. I collapsed ont he bed but refrained from saying anything I would regret but I wasn't able to stop the tears.

It really hurt people.

I finished taking the bed apart which is a tale for another day-ugh-but couldn't finish putting it back together in the other room. My head/ear was killing me so Steven came to the rescue.

The girls each got their own beds in their own rooms and I got a concussion.

You read that right. I found out on Tuesday(back dating the post since I was unavailable!) after a CT scan. They were checking for a brain bleed bc I couldn't keep my balance. Good news, no brain bleed! lol

I get 6-10 days of a rolling stomach and a swaying world not to mention the pounding headache.

What I wouldn't do for my girls!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my! I hope you are okay. That is scary!

I guess it could have been worse?

Tina Hollenbeck said...

Oh, my! My daughter got a concussion last year - just about a year ago, actually - when she took a fall while wrestling with her daddy. Thanks to an awesome chiropractor, she made regular progress, but it did take time for things to finally heal (i.e., months). kind to yourself even after that 6-10 day window. It'll take time.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! Glad you are ok! What an experience! I don't even attempt anything like that....
Stopping by from the crew!