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Sunday, March 18, 2012

so behinder

I can't believe that I haven't posted in a week...I guess having a concussion will do that to ya! 

Let's see if I can recap last week. 

School.  It went pretty well really.  We got all of our work done and even had four extra kids on Wednesday for school.  Two weeks in a row that school was done every day.  Woohoo!!!

Tuesday I had an appointment for my head.  (that's when we found out it was a concussion)

Oh yeah, my dad was in the hospital over the weekend.  He is fine and everything checked out but he has to have his pacemaker changed out.

Thursday was another orthodontist appointment.  This time though she got all of her appliances off.  Yay!  Now for the retainers...

Thursday night was a leadership meeting for our homeschool group.  Love our leadership team.  We got a lot done that night and was so thankful for the ride home since Steven wasn't letting me drive yet! lol

Friday morning at around 5something a.m. our oldest was up puking her guts up.  She spent the day doing that and we avoided her like the plague!

I went to lunch with my dad on Friday and had a great visit over yummy food.

Steven and I went out to dinner with his brothers and their wives for my bday.  While we were out the kids called to say the second oldest was in the bathroom puking.  There were nine kids in the house, three of which were 3 and under, and the two oldest kids were sick.  Niice.  We came home early to take care of the sickies.  Had a great visit with family and a nice end to the day.

Saturday held soccer games.  Our youngest won her game-a very hard game-but the oldest lost.  Big time.  :(  It was hard to watch.  Not because they lost but because our girl was the goal keeper and one of their players kicked her after she tackled the ball.  Her wrist was kicked and then she took a kick to the ribs.  In the second quarter two of their girls were clipping one of our girls off at the knees.  Our girl was already injured so she was an easy mark.  I was pretty hot.  We played with good sportsmanship and played pretty well so I'm happy with that.

Saturday afternoon I was all ready for a nap when Steven and the girls were INSISTENT that we go out to eat for my bday.  I so did not want to do that.  I went anyway.  We ate then he dragged me all over the West Side of the city.  I was so tired and my head hurt.  I just wanted to go home. 

When we finally did I found out why he was dragging me everywhere.  They planned a surprise bday party for me! :-)  I had a pinata filled with Sharpies and pens and cake and ice cream.  We visited for a long time with our friends as the kids played outside. 

It was a great evening.

Sunday morning I woke up sick.  bleh.  I stayed home from church chanting, "I will not throw up" over and over.  I didn't but there were other consequences from that. lol  Sunday was a blur of sleeping and stomach cramps. 

It was a pretty great week all in all. 

I am thinking that we can never revisit the vomit comet and be just fine!

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