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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Are you...

the kind of homeschoolers that wake up early or do you sleep until you wake up?

The reason I ask is this.

We have tried it both ways and I can't decide. When I would let the kids sleep until they woke up we never got anything done. We were always behind and I was constantly fighting them to get to work. We all would take the relaxed day to a failing point. We lazied around until the evening had come and school was still waiting.

On the other hand, we have tried the whole waking up at 6:45 and getting the day started early bit. It actually worked, though. We were up early, chores would get done and the schedule was adhered to. In some ways that was better than what we do know...but we all grew weary of being up so early.

So what do we do now?

Well, it's a mixture of the two. We wake up around 7:30 and start chores. Breakfast and then Bible Study/Devotions. Then the day is pretty much set by the kids themselves. They plan their weeks on Sunday or Monday but can do their studies in any order they chose. It all just has to be done. Each subject is checked off in my planner as it is finished so that I can check to make sure they are oding it.

This system is working pretty well. We are getting stuff done. We are fairly happy with each other, too!

Of course, I have my Ultimate Homeschool Planner to help and it is working swimmingly! ;-)

I know that they schedule will have to morph next year as we enter the High School arena but hopefully we can continue to sleep a little later and still get school done.

I guess we will see!

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Unknown said...

I have had a similar question about this as well. I can see benefits to letting my kids sleep in, and benefits to getting them up and getting to it. I think I'm gonna write about this on my blog, too! So good to hear how other homeschool moms figure all this out...or are still figuring it out! :)