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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Free School and extra kids

We had our Wednesday guests again. Okay, they are not guests; they are more like family. But they were here again on for school.

It's amazing how well it goes with eight kids doing school. Peer pressure really can be a good thing! ;-) Bug likes all the extra kids too...more people to give her attention. lol

School has been getting done for the third week in a row. Yay! That makes for a happier momma.

Although this week is a short week. We are going on a short vacation with some friends on Thursday. The kids lucked out with that. heehee

Bean,7yo, started 2nd grade Language this week and will probably start 2nd grade Math in the next week or so. She loves school! The 10 yo, 4th grader, is looking forward to starting 6th grade Math at the end of April. Those two make this homeschooling momma feel like she is doing something right!

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