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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

umm, yeah...we still homeschool

We are still homeschooling. Really, we are!  It just isn't looking like I want it to right now.  We have been struggling the last few weeks due to the play and then sickness.  But, really this whole year has been a struggle.

Needless to say, we are "behind" what our schedule says.

If you look at our Tapestry of Grace studies you would see that we have barely even begun.  I am embarrassed to admit that we are just at Week 9 in Tapestry.  Yeah, I know that the year is almost over.  Life has just really conspired against us.  I am endeavoring to "hit the high points" and somewhat catch us up.  We will be coming back to this time period one more time before Sunshine graduates so we will have a chance to cover it again. 

In other areas, we are doing well.  English, Math(mostly), Science-they are all going pretty well.  Each child can take the studies at their own pace and we all love that.  If something is giving them a hard time, they can slow down until they are sure they understand.  If they get the concept right away, zip, move on and don't look back!  If only all subjects on all days would be that easy!! lol

Bug, is learning to sit in a chair and read her books!  She gets them off the shelf, sits down, and reads.  It is just too cute!  She also colors her school work and learns puzzles.  She is learning things at an amazing rate.  She is so stinkin' smart!!  The girls are learning valuable life lessons by having her here.  These lessons just couldn't be learned from a book.  What a blessing she is to our family.  Sure do love that girl!

When I read the homeschooling magazines, I feel like a failure.  The families always have it together and are just plain perfect.  When will they have a family on there that looks real?  You know, the one where the mom looks tired, the dad bewildered, and the kids are fighting?  That's what I want to see because that's what I live most of the time.

We are not the model homeschoolers.  We will never be on the cover of a magazine to be held up as the paragons of what to do in homeschooling.  We fail miserably often and struggle to maintain a modicum of sanity.  Some days are better than others but if you are looking for the shiny, put together homeschool family you might want to look somewhere else.

We are real. 
We are broken. 
We are sinful. 
We are crazy.
We are unique.

Life will not always be this messy or hectic.  Someday the kids will be gone and I will long for these days.  I intend to enjoy them while they are here even if it messes up the schedule. 


Gayla said...

I always felt like we were behind and didn't do enough. Both kids did fine in college. Your girls are learning more about life and how to live it by spending their days with you. Don't measure yourself against someone else's schedule--looks like you are progressing in the basics and the rest will come!

Amanda said...

I see those perfect families too, and wonder how they have it all together. It seems like I am always playing catch up, but then I remember that living our life it so important, and that the rest will come. Hang in there.


Tami said...

Sounds like my day, my week, my year, my last 18 mths at least:) We too feel like we are only treading water, but then I was required to do testing on several of the kids....the 14 and 10 year olds both tested post how bad can it be......and I was saying the 10 year old was failing 5th grade and was very concerned because she hadn't "finished" certain things.....go figure!

I plan to keep praying and keep playing and pushing as best I can.

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

But that's the joy of homeschooling. It moves and breathes with you. You do what you can to get through this season and them move on from there. I always say that a bad day at home is better than a good day at public school. LOL!
You're doing fine, I guarantee it!

Sennie said...

Thank you for your honesty in this post. And I love the comments!! I always think we are not doing enough, especially if I make the mistake of comparing myself to other homeschool families. It's good to hear encouragement.

Kristine said...

There will be seasons when life and family bump out checking off every box for school. Your ultimate goal is to raise kids with a heart for Christ. History may be going more slowly this year, but there are other times when that's not the case. You know it will all even out in the end!