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Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday's Fave Five

I am back to the Friday's Fave Five.  I did it for a while and then it drifted out of my mind for a while.  I think I need it though.  I need to remember what was good about our week.  I want to have a record so the girls can read it later on. we go again...

My favorites for this are:

1.  Our homeschool group is putting on a play.  I am directing it along with my good friend, Karla.  We have 19 kids in the play and one as the property master.  We are just about to perform (next week) and I'm loving it.  The kids are fabulous.  They are just great kids but they are doing such a good job with this play.  We have done some choir things, some songs with choreography, and a short play last year; this is our first major production.  did I already say that I love it?  I love the theater and I love working with kids so to put the two together is just plain awesome.  I hope we can do it again...

2.  Compliments.  I don't take them well.  Ever.   At all.  They just make me uncomfortable.  But, I received a compliment last night that really made me feel good.  I was told that I was a good writer!  What a great compliment considering that I love to write. lol  I'm still grinning from this one.  ;-)

3.  My ipad.  I am so thankful for this thing.  I saved up for it but then my dh paid for part of for my bday.  He's so great!  Anyway, I use my ipad all the time.  For just about everything.  I have even started letting the girls use it for some educational games that they ask to play.  School happens all the time.  heehee

4.  The weather.  It is unseasonably warm here and I am loving it.  Seriously, 60* in January?  Does it get any better than that?  Of course I'm not thinking about the snow that will probably fall in March and April; for now I'm just enjoying the warm, sunny days.  What a blessing to break up our winter doldrums.

5.  Our church.  We changed churches about a year ago and our "new" church is still just what we need.  The girls love it, we love it, and we can't wait to go every Sunday.  God is so good when we listen to His leading.  This was such a hard decision and it too about 6 years for it to come to fruition but I'm so glad we waited on The Lord to lead us about when to leave.  His timing is always right.

How about you?  What are your Friday's Fave Fives?

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Willow said...

Welcome back to FFF.

Allowing and encouraging kids to participate in choirs, acting and productions is great training and confidence building. I'm glad you're enjoying it too.

I never mind warmer weather :)

Susan@FruitfulWords said...

I can't stay away from FFF either. It is a great pick-me-up and a great way to journal what's going on in my life. :)

How affirming to have someone compliment your writing. Who knows where your writing will take you this year?!

I don't have an ipad. But everyone I know who has one is totally pleased with what it does so, I can see why it is one of your blessings; Especially since schooling can happen with it too.

BTW - love the idea of a year long project. I may have to "steal" that idea for myself. Your daughter does have a lovely voice. Good job, mom, on helping her develop that talent and to help her with presentation.

Have a great week, Renita.