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Monday, February 13, 2012

Kinderbach Review

Just the other day I was complaining to Steven that our girls didn't know how to play the piano...I may have even been pouting.  Not saying that I was; but I might have.

Thankfully, there is something that can help.

Kinderbach is a wonderful tool to put in your homeschool toolbox.  Kinderbach is full of colorful characters, lively music, and useful information your kids will learn and use. 

The Kinderbach method is easy to implement. 

All you need is:
1. Piano/Keyboard - (check out FAQs about piano/keyboard)
2. Computer - for viewing web video lessons and/or printing activity pages
3. Hi Speed Internet or a DVD player
4. CD player (optional)  
5. Craft materials - Scissors, printer paper, crayons, markers, craft paper, glue etc...

That's it!  The Kinderbach website has all the information you need.  Just check out their FAQ page!  If you want to start a FREE Trial offer head over here.  Kinderbach is $7.99 a month or you can buy the CD's/DVD packages starting at $40.45.  There are tons of Freebies, Extras, Songbooks, and more on their website. 

Kinderbach is great tool for teaching Music Theory and developing your child's ear for music.  We have thoroughly enjoyed using the Kinderbach online videos.   My girls watched them and watched them-even the older ones!  They have learned much about the piano and about listening to music.  It was fun to turn the on the videos and just watch my kids laughing and learning. 

Check it out for yourself and see how much your kids will enjoy learning about music.

**I received a short-term membership to Kinderbach in exchange for my honest review.

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