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Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday's Fave Five

For some reason this was a dreadful week. It was long and torturous. Attitudes were stinky. Mine included.

But, this week had its high points.

1. Even with all the stinky attitudes we had laughter. Every now and then we would crack each other up and laugh 'til we cried. My girls know how to crack me up!

2. We all got our hairs cut this week. (My dh insists we say it that way bc you don't just get one hair cut lol) For two of us, it was no big deal. But Sunshine, Sweet Pea, and Bean it was drastically different. Sunshine decided to donate her hair to Locks of Love. Since she has had long hair for six years, this was a hard decision. Of course, the gal that cuts our hair is fabulous and she made all of us look amazing!

3. One of my favorite things ever, not just this Friday is my homeschooling friends. The ones that have already walked the path I am on and are there to offer advice and encouragement. I am constantly asking them for advice and to calm my nerves. They have even talked me back from the ledge a few times!

4. Tuesday nights. Tuesday nights Steven and the girls go to BSF and I have the night to myself. Now that we have Bug, it is a bit less relaxing like it used to be but I get some great cuddle time with her!

5. Watching Bug's vocabulary explode this week has been incredible! She is learning so many words it is unbelievable. She is learning and changing every day. It amazes me how much kids learn the first few years of their lives.

How about you? What are your Fave Fives for this week?

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