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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

MathRider Review

We've all been there...the whining, crying, and fighting over doing Math Drills.  It is a painful yet necessary chore.  But just because it's necessary doesn't mean it has to be painful.

MathRider is here to help.

In this day and age our kids are bombarded by video games, online games, and whatnot that eat up their time and their brain cells.  Why not use modern technology to help their brains develop? 

I am all for that!

MathRider is a wonderful game to help kids learn their Math Facts.  Seriously.  A fun game that kids will love that will actually teach them their Math Facts!  Interested?

I know we were.  ;-)  In the MathRider game, your student goes on quests while answering  Math Facts questions.  This page has a great description of the game.   I strongly suggest you check it out.  This page has the System Requirements which is very helpful to read before you purchase it.  The FAQ page can answer any other questions you may come up with.  You can also try it for FREE at this page.

Right now you can purchase MathRider for $37 by heading over to this page.  There is a 30 Day Risk Free Guarantee!  You can't beat that!

Our girls had so much fun playing this game that they didn't even realize that they were practicing the dreaded Math Facts.  That is the kind of learning I'm talking about! 

MathRider is a great addition to any homeschool, public school, or private school education.  It can be used to supplement any math curriculum for a fun, easy way to practice math drills.  Check it out!

**I was given a download of MathRider to use in giving my honest review.

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