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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jury Duty

A few weeks ago I went out to get the mail and was thrilled at what I saw.  There was an envelope with my name on it from our state. 



Bill of some kind...

don't think so...

When I finally opened it, I was jumping up and down for joy.

It was a summons to appear for Jury Duty!!!  aaaggghhhh!!!!!  it finally happened.  I have been waiting since I was eighteen to get this letter.  I told everyone I knew-even the guy behind the counter at the movie theater!!  Yes, I really did tell him.  ;-)

I looked forward to it for two weeks.  But, when I told some people about it they felt bad for me and expressed irritation at having to do it.  :-(  I don't understand that.  I know it is an imposition in our lives but it is our Civic Duty.  That is one of our Rights as American Citizens-the right to a trial by a jury of our peers.  If I was on trial for something I would covet people to be on the jury.  I wouldn't want the to do it grudgingly.  Does that make sense?

While I was in the Jury Assembly room, there was no end of complaining about having to be there.  I expressed my thrill at being there one time but was met with shocks and derision. 

When did this privilege become a something to despise?  I am so sad that this amazing process that we all get to take part of is something that is now to be gotten out of.   There was no end of "excuses" to get people out of serving on a jury.

I didn't end up getting picked.  I was put in to the Jury Pool that had to call in the next night for instructions and ended up being released.  I almost cried.  Really.  I so much want to serve and be a part of our country in this way.  I know that that is not a popular opinion and I'm okay with that.  Hopefully, I will get another summons and then be picked sometime in my life.

Until then I will keep watching the mail for my next summons.  ;-)


Tina Hollenbeck said...

I will be more than happy to be on jury duty - though I think I'm so opinionated that I'll never actually get chosen from the pool! - but not right now. I actually was summoned in '10 and was able to put it off till '13 (at which point I can hopefully delay a few more years). It's just not realistic for me, with homeschooling and doing babysitting, to go to jury duty, especially if it ended up to be a long case. I don't have people who can care for my kids for me - and I would have to totally sacrifice all the babysitting income if I had to have the parents find alternate care for a few days or (heaven forbid) weeks. I'll be happy, though, to serve whenever needed when my kids are more independent and/or graduated. I wish they'd be more sensitive to that.

Libby@Everything's Coming Up Green said...

I don't think I've ever been summoned. That sounds funny that I don't remember, but the only thing I think I have was testifying in a trial when I was almost ready to have Emma. I panicked because it was the type of trial that could have lasted long into and past my due date. Thankfully there is a president for that. It didn't go to trial.

I take testifying seriously as well. It is a heavy weight to be responsible for someones fate. Not all trials are murder trials but the outcome of a verdict can still be life changing none the less.

I'm with you, I wouldn't want someone who didn't want to be there either!

North Laurel said...

I've always wanted to have jury duty! I was actually part of a virtual jury twice and the sense of responsibility was sobering. I would love to do it in a real court room. I understand where you're coming from... in general people just complain too much ;)