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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Random Pics

'Cause it's what I do best!

I have to warn you, these pictures were on my phone so they are not the best.  But hey, at least I am posting some, right?  lol

The two oldest at our Dad's Night.  They are so pretty!

She got poison ivy on her face.  So not cool.

Bug was helping Sunshine be goal keeper.  :-)

Bug was helping Bean find some clothes for me.
 Bug kept looking through my hanging clothes saying, "Umm...Umm...Look, Look!"  It was pretty cute.  She helped find my shoes and picked out several shirts for me.  ;-)

We saw these cold weather funnels on our way home.

Freaky. Just freaky.

Peanut giving her part of the speech for Dad's Night.

Bean performing sign language to How Great is Our God.

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