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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Last Soccer Games

Today was the last scheduled soccer Saturday of the year.  I am sad and glad.  I love watching our girls play but I won't be sad to have the time commitment gone.  ;-)

Today's games went ok.  Sunshine's was first and it was a hard loss.  The team just couldn't get it together.  They weren't talking and were just off.  Then one of our girls was taken out by the other team.  This girl did a football tackle to our girl and she literally flew up off her feet did a spin and then landed on the back of her head.  It was unreal.  But what made it worse was no card was given.  Our girl ended up with a mild concussion.  She may not play in the tourney this weekend bc of it.  grrr  Sunshine did a fantastic job and almost scored!  She did a good job on defense and gave what she got.  ;-)

Bean's game was pretty good.  She was crying bc she didn't score again but she did a great job!  She saved some goals from going in and almost scored twice.  She was flying down the field!!

We will be sad to see these coaches go but look forward to having new ones next year.  Sunshine will be in High School so we have to figure out where she is going to play.  But we might have all four in soccer again next year!  Whew.  I'm tired just thinking about it. lol

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