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Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Last day

for the year anyway.  Our homeschool group is done for the year and we are all sad.  We love our group.  It is just about perfect for us.  (secretly I am glad for the break but I will miss everyone)

Tonight we have our Dad's Night.  It's a great night where we can show off our work for the year and put on a performance for family and friends.  It's always a great night. 

This year is less of a commitment for me and I am glad.  Last year was a pretty big deal and I was involved in  a lot of it.  This year I am only doing one thing. 

One of my classes was Story Time with the 1 and 2 yo.  They were so sweet.  We read stories and sang songs so for Dad's Night we sang Fuzzy Little Caterpillar.  They actually sang and did some of the motions!  They were so stinkin' adorable!  The rest of the kids did a great job but those little ones stole the show.  :-)

We displayed all the work for the year which is always impressive to see laid out on the tables.  I love that our group has a combination of fun and learning. 

I do have pictures but I haven't downloaded them yet! Big surprise, right? lol

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