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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Time flies

Yeah, time flies when you are living life! heehee  So what have I been doing since last Friday? 

Oh let me tell you!  Soccer.  It was lovely and one daughter has bruised bones on her foot and the other has bruised ribs.  Oh yeah, we are all about the pain.  :(  I'm not even going to talk about the games anymore, it is just too frustrating.  grr

Saturday night we got  Bella Luna which is Mediterranean food and we LOVE it!!  I never get it when Steven is around-he doesn't like it!  Where was Steven this past weekend?  He went to Dallas with his brothers to watch the Dallas Cowboys lose their game.  heehee  (I don't like the 'boys!)

Sunday was quiet and restful with a trip to the grocery store.  ugh  I hate going to the store on the weekends, there are way too many people there for me to be happy walking around looking at all the ways advertisers are trying to part me with my money.  It was not pretty.

The library was on the list as well and that made me happy!  I only picked up 24 of the 48 books that I placed on hold. lol  Then I set about reading and reading and reading.  Then there was the planning for the next school week and doing my BSF. 

Steven didn't get home until 3am Monday morning.  I tried to wait up for him but didn't make it past 1am.  Much coffee was needed the next morning to get me through homeschool group and craft class with 12 5-7yo!  They are an awesome group of kids but they are loud and busy. 

BSF was great and I am loving studying Isaiah.  I stayed up way too late reading a new book and woke up too early to get the day started. 

We babysit today and I'm thinking that this week will be it.  Steven doesn't want me to do it anymore bc we can't focus on school the way we need to.  So I will be having a conversation with the momma tonight to tell her to find someone else.  Not an easy conversation to have.

I need to be more consistent with posting instead of just posting boring weekly updates!

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