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Thursday, October 7, 2010


I'm sitting here thinking about Saturday's soccer games and I'm worried that they will go like last weeks.  Our 11yos game was unbelievable.  The other team was mean and intentionally pushing, hitting, and even lifted one of our girls up off the ground to get the ball away from her.  One of our girls was punched in the face!  It was unbelievable.  Our coach complained to the board but I don't know if it will help.  He was so encouraging with our girls at practice tonight and just praised them for playing the right way.

Needless to say, S, isn't looking forward to playing Saturday.

B, is playing in the town that when we played them last year they severely injured one of our players.  I am praying very hard for protection for our girls.

School is going pretty well and we are keeping up with it.  The baby we are babysitting is seriously hindering our efforts with school and hopefully we won't be doing it much longer.

Life is marching on and let me tell you it has a beat of it's own!

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Heidi said...

Oh my! How scary that a kids' soccer team can be that rough. I hope the game today went better.

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