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Friday, October 15, 2010

Soli Deo Gloria TOS Review

Soli Deo Glorio has graciously given me a copy of this Bible Study and I am so glad they did!  It is a wonderful study of the Word.

First of all, let me tell you a bit about the company.  From the website:

Why the funny name?
Soli Deo Gloria is Latin for "To God Alone the Glory." It is one of the benchmarks of the reformation and necessary for the reformation of our thoughts regarding the education of our children.
Our unit studies and other curriculum are designed to cause learners to be captivated by God's "bigger picture." All of life, including math, science, history and language arts, is part of God's HUGE redemptive plan. Seeing God's hand at work in all of life, and seeing each piece as part of a larger picture is one of the main goals of education. Glorifying Him through all that we do, all that we learn, and all that we are is ultimately what we are called to do as His children.

I love this description of their companies name and the reasons for their studies.  What a blessing to read this on a companies website.

I was a little wary of receiving this product because we are already doing an in-depth Bible Study that we can not suspend and worried that we wouldn't be able to do it justice.  However, I was very pleased when we started working on it.  It was very easy to implement and maintain.  This is an inductive study aimed at 4th - 8th graders but could easily be used for slightly younger kids that would have help or older students that could dig a little deeper.  The study is set up in notebook form and each student needs their own workbook to write in.  The study is very easy to understand and lends itself well to students working independently.

Each workbook contains a Study Checklist to show the work that has been completed and work yet to be done on each of the Psalms studied, a Materials needed list, an Introduction page, and a page for each Psalm studied.  For each Psalm the student is to read through it every day for a week and answer questions about it.  There is also directions to highlight certain phrases in certain colors so they are easily identifiable in the future.  There is also a journal  section with prompts to encourage students to put their thoughts down on paper.  Click here to see a sample page from this workbook.

This is a great study of God's Word that your children can feel a sense of accomplishment with when they have completed it.  I recommend this study whole heartedly.  If you are looking for more Bible Studies, visit here to see items like The Godly Woman- A Study of Proverbs 31 for Girls and Boys,  or any of their Geography , History, Science, or Teacher Resources products.

There are many to choose from with very affordable prices.  The study we rec'd on the Psalms was priced at $16.00 and is designed to study one Psalm a week for the entire school year.  That is a pretty good deal, if you ask me!

Browse Soli Deo Gloria's website and see for yourself what wonderful products they offer.  Then check out what the other Crew members are saying about their review items.

**I was given this product in exchange for my honest review as part of The TOS Crew.

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