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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Can you say Flood?

It was a normal day in our house; of course normal is a relative term!  We were going about our business of school and I was feeling pretty good about our progress.  Robin was here and helping with the babysitting kid and we were actually doing school.  Imagine that!

Sometime in the mid-morning my forgetful oldest dd said that she had washed a demon spider down the upstairs bathroom sink.  My first question was, "Did you leave the water running for a minute so that the evil spawn nasty thing scary nightmare spider wouldn't crawl back up and eat our faces as we sleep in revenge for trying to murder it?"

Okay, before you call child protective services on me I didn't really say those things.  They were just racing through my panicked mind while I was staring at the drain. 

What I did say was, "Let the water run for a minute so that it stays down there."  See, nothing freaky about that!

She rolled her eyes obeyed immediately and turned on said water. 

I didn't think another thing about it.  That was my first mistake.  My second wasn't to check on said flood water water to be sure it had been turned off.

It hadn't.

We didn't know that until S went downstairs to use the bathroom and started shrieking freaking out screaming like someone was murdering her yelling for me to come quickly.  It sounded serious so I waited a minute ran right away to see what was wrong with my over-reactive concerned dd. 

Now, I don't like running.  Seriously, not at all.  If someone was going to mug me, I would just let them have my purse to avoid running.  I am not even kidding.

But, I ran downstairs to find said dd staring dumb-struck and pointing to the ceiling in the downstairs bathroom. 

And then I hear it.  The sound of a peaceful waterfall hidden somewhere in the woods surrounded by a peaceful forest that is just ripe for a lazy day for a harried mom.  WAIT A MINUTE!!!  That sound is coming from my bathroom...

I summon up the courage to look and see why these sounds are coming from my bathroom and what do I see?  A pretty waterfall falling from the ceiling vent pouring ever so sweetly to the inch deep standing water in the carpet. 

I handled this so calmly.  Oh wait...bwahahahaha  O.k.  I'm alright now. 

I yelled screamed talked to my forgetful child to find out what had happened.  Not that I really cared at this point.  But it made me feel better to be asking questions rather than yelling at her.

We ran around like chickens with our heads cut off quickly gathered all the towels in our house and found all the large bowls to sop up the plague water that seemed to be everywhere.  And I do mean everywhere. 

Steven came home after an ugly abusive urgent phone call from me shrieking pleading with him to come home.

He did.

He talked me back from the ledge calmed me down and assessed the damage.  He determined it not to be too bad and escaped went back to work.

Days went by with carpets pulled up and the stink perfume of wet carpet filling our olfactory senses.  It was lovely.  Not.

I convinced Steven that I had a plan to 'fix' the bathrooms and that I could do it for cheap.  He agreed.  It made me feel better to be doing something to make the bathrooms better rather than just looking at the carnage of epic proportions.  (not really, I'm not that dramatic!)  ;-) 

Robin and I came up with the perfect plan and we implemented it instantly.

Here is the result of one day's worth of work:

This is the bathroom downstairs.  We taped off the squares and painted them.  It looks so cool!
This is the upstairs bathroom.  The new tile looks amazing!!
I guess since I got new flooring in two of the bathrooms that I shouldn't be complaining too much, but really? Did she have to do that in the first place?  Forgetfulness and following through are just some of the issues we are working on in our house!

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Laura said...

So sorry about the flood. But, I LOVE your new floors!!! :)