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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tis the Season

Soccer has started.  Actually it started two weeks ago, but this week it felt real! lol  This season we have only two girls playing but of eight games, four are at the exact same time.  ugh  That is so not cool.

This weekend, though, they both did an amazing job.  The oldest played against a team that was coached by Steven's boss! Can you say awkward?  It wasn't too bad, really.  Especially since we won!  But only just barely.  B, did an excellent job on defense and almost scored a couple of times.  Which is pretty good for a defender. ;-D  She got quite a few compliments on her defense and quick reactions.  One person called her a natural striker.  hmmm

S, scored two goals this week!  Woohoo!  But beyond that, she played really well.  She passed the ball and communicated well with her teammates.  She has an amazing stride when she runs and the parents that were sitting next to me commented on it when she got a break away and scored.  Her team ended up winning as well.

I hope each team continues to do as well each week even if they don't win.  But winning sure makes it fun!

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