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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Catching up

Have I really not posted since last Thursday?  We have been busy and I have had an ear infection.  :( 

So, what has been happening? 


Friday we had gymnastics, soccer, a girls night with my in-laws, more soccer, church, family visits, homeschool group, my ear infection, more soccer, school, emergency orthodontia visits, babysitting, school, and the general feeling of being overwhelmed and behind.

I didn't post my Friday's Fave Five.  :(  I missed doing it and visiting other blogs to see their lists.  Maybe next week I will make mine twice as long!

Soccer on Saturday was great!  Our 11yo had an away game and played very well.  She played defense and mid-field and held her own against some girls that looked twice her size and several years older!  Her team won a hard fought game.

Our 12yo also had a great game.  They played a formidable team and the score was neck-n-neck until the last quarter.  Towards the end of the game I shouted out to my dd, "Do you want a frappe?"  She answered with a loud "Yes!" with wide eyes.  "Then score a goal."  I shouted back.  The next play, the ball came to her side and she took it away from the opposing team and dribbled it all the way back down the field and scored a goal!!!  It was a great play that took us all by surprise.  Now, I don't actually care if they score or not, but I knew she could and I just wanted her to know it as well.  Now she does!

Church on Saturday night was fun.  ;-D  Mark Gungor was our guest speaker and talked about marriage to the single people! lol   Go look him up, he is well worth it.

Sunday morning was quiet with little going on.  I slept for part of it and we cleaned the other part.  I slept again in the afternoon due to my ear hurting and then family came to visit.  I finished up my BSF that evening and frantically tried to get ready for our homeschool group on Monday morning.

Our homeschool group meeting started out stinky because we were running late and forgetting things.  We finally got things together just as everyone was getting there.  My ear was hurting so much that I went home soon after getting there.  That afternoon we folded and priced clothes for our groups garage sale later this week.

I didn't go to BSF Monday night due to a fever and my ear.  Our oldest had soccer practice and then we sent everyone to bed early.

This morning, we started the day well but then the little guy that we babysit came and everything fell flat.  We have struggled all day to get school done and we are all quite cranky now.  I don't know how we will get school done with him here.  I said yes to watching him bc I felt the Lord leading me to, but now I am frustrated and cranky about it.  Prayers, prayers.

Tonight, the girls and Steven are going to BSF and I will have some quiet time to hopefully catch up on some things that are requiring my attention.

So that is my last five days in a nutshell!

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