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Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday's Fave Five

It's that time again, time to look back on the week and remember the blessings.  It's been kind of a long week here and I'm pretty much done with it!

If you want to read some more Fave's from other bloggers weeks, go to Susanne's at Living to tell the Story and find out how.

1.  On Monday we had our homeschool groups picnic.  It was a great gathering of old and new friends.  We had great fellowship and wonderful food.  ;-D  We had beautiful weather and the kids were able to play outside the whole time.

2.  Our 11yo dd's foot wasn't broken!  Trust me that is a definite favorite.  lol

3.  I was able to have a mom's night with some wonderful friends.  We sat along the edge of a lake and visited while God painted a gorgeous sunset for us.

4.  Soccer season has started again.  I love watching my girls play and have fun.

5.  I think my absolute favorite of the week is that my 5yo dd can now hit the trash sack when she needs to throw up.  She can also make it to the bathroom before it splatters all over the floor.  However, this morning when it took her by surprise she let it go on my bed.  :(

I am tired and worn out today and my stomach is feeling a little icky so it is short and sweet.  Head on over to Susanne's to participate.


Lisa notes... said...

I felt guilty laughing about your number 5 - it is never funny when someone is sick! But I SO relate to that being a favorite. My 2nd child was the best at usually making it to the toilet to throw up and I was definitely thrilled about that.

Praying you all feel better soon! Stomach viruses are the pits. :-(

Jerralea said...

Going on a mom's night out is always a highlight, but watching a sunset by a lake makes it even better.

Hope your kiddos feel better. I'm glad your son's foot wasn't broken.

Karen said...

Mom's nights are just the best. I'm glad you were able to enjoy one, especially given #5 on your list!

I see by your profile that we share a couple of 'favorite movies' -- GWTW and White Christmas!

Have a great weekend.

Susanne said...

Hopefully your little one will feel better soon. Praise God little dd's foot wasn't broken.

A night out by a lake with friends sounds wonderful.

Jientje said...

Thank God that foot is not broken. A lovely sunset by the lake? Awesome!


Mom nights are the BEST!!!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Your Mom's Night sounds lovely. Great that you could take that moment away.

I do hope you're feeling better -- and everyone else, too!

I read your question on the giveaway. Sure! Email me at Laura Lee Groves at g mail dot com and let's talk!

Cindy said...

That sounds so fantastic a mom's night and you make me miss my mom so much the way you described the sun set.

Thankful dd's foot wasn't broken for sure.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about so much sickness in your family. So glad that the "mess" usually makes it to the correct place!

When I was a homeschool mom, getting out with other moms was essential to my sanity, creativity and helped fill up my tank so I could keep on giving. So glad you had that opportunity last week.