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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random Dozen

Well, once again I have let Wednesday pass me by without doing the Random Dozen.  :(  I will tell you that a stomach bug hit me towards the end of Wednesday and nothing else seemed to matter!

So, here is my list.  Late again.  But done!

1. Have you, or has someone close to you, ever won an award for anything? hmm...I won best actress at our college one year, does that count?

2. Who is the nearest relative to you who has served in the US Military? My brother and sister, cousins, uncle, and many more.  Most especially, my husband.

3. Share something that stirs the patriotic spirit in you.  The Star Spangled Banner, seeing a flag fly, seeing a soldier in uniform, a song about soldiers.  I am pretty patriotic and can get stirred up fairly quickly.  :)

4. Where are you in the birth order in your family? Do you think your "placement" made a difference in your personality?  I am the baby and yes, birth order matters.  That's all I'm going to say about that!

5. Name one trait you hope you carry that was evidenced in your parents or grandparents.  A willingness to help people and ask nothing in return.

6. If female, do you prefer wearing a skirt or pants? If male, shirt and tie or polo? Yes!  I think if I went around without pants or a skirt on people would be offended! heehee  It depends on the day.  Some days are skirt days and some are pants.  Then others still are just jammie days!

7. Approximately how many times do you wake during the night? What do you do to go back to sleep?  Do I have to count?  Lately it has been too numerous to even call it a night's sleep.  Normally only one or two times to straighten the blankets because my dh has made a burrito of himself with the blankets.  ;-D

8. Share a favorite movie quote.  "Mawiage, twue luuve.  Mawaige is what bwings us togevew today."  Princess Bride.  Love, love, love it!!

9. What is your favorite Fall candle scent? I have to choose just one?  Okay, okay, today it would be cinnamon I think.  No, maybe cinnabun.  Wait, I have to go with vanilla.  Love vanilla but I think it makes me gain weight because it smells so good.

10. What is one Fall activity you're looking forward to?  Football!  Yup, I love it.  I also like the cool nights to sit with the family.

11. Tell us about a pleasant surprise that happened to you recently.  My dh bought me a Nook.  He had been saving up for it and didn't tell me.  He just surprised me with it!

12. What was it like when you first met your in-laws-to-be? I think this one is better left alone.  Really.

So, since my list is so late I guess you have already read the rest of the groups lists and I am behind in reading them.  I bet they are brilliant!  Oh wait, you haven't read them either?  Race you over to 2nd cup of coffee...


Debbie Phillips said...

Thanks for doing yours even though it is late. It reminded me to do mine... so you are not the only one late.

We love Princess Bride too. But I picked a different movie to quote.

berrypatch said...

Thank you for the laugh today. I literally LOL'd on your "pants or skirts" answer. LOVE IT! I love Princess Bride too and LOVE that part of it. Ha! Great answers.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Best Actress, that counts! Please thank your family for their service to our country. That is my sons favorite movie. The Nook was a great surprise.

Kathy said...

I'm glad that you posted, even if it was a little late:) I enjoyed your answers...I really enjoy those "jammie days" every now and then, too.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I'm with you on #6 - some days are just jammy days! ;-)

Mel said...

Thanks for stopping by and yes Princess Bride rocks :)

Capri K @ No Whining Allowed said...

Hi Renita!
Thanks for stopping by!
I love the line "my dh has made a burrito of himself with the blankets" !!!

I see in a previous post that you are a BSF-er, me too! Enjoy Isaiah.

Jerralea said...

Hey that bug hit in my part of the world, too!

You cracked me up when you said, "I think if I went around without pants or a skirt on people would be offended!" We must have a similar sense of humor ...

It's a wise woman that knows when to leave a topic alone.