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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Starfish

While walking on the beach one day, I saw a Starfish by the shore. And everywhere I looked it seemed, I saw a thousand more. Then what to my surprise appeared? A boy of nine or ten. And as the Starfish washed ashore, he threw them back again. "One Starfish won't make a difference son; You can't change this situation." He stooped and picked up one more Starfish, then looking right at me, "I can make a difference for this one, sir" and returned it to the sea. So I went and gathered all my friends, my brothers and my cousins. We joined in with that little boy and saved Starfish by the dozens. There are still many to be rescued-many "Starfish" on life's shore. And you can make a difference saving just one more. 

C.C. Milbrandt


Kari said...

Hi Renita

Love this story! Thanks for posting this! I will be doing a beach post on my blog within the next day or two and will most definetly link to your post :)

Anonymous said...
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melyssa said...

Hi! I saw your blog name on Our Lifestyle of Learning, and had to stop by because our blog names are so similiar! :)

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