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Friday, July 30, 2010

A fun package in the mail!

I was blessed to receive a box in the mail from Canada!  It was so much fun to open this and see what was in it.  I participated in a swap with the Homeschool Post and I am glad I did. 

Who doesn't love getting a package in the mail, right? 

I rec'd my package from Carolyn over at I Am Unique

Here's what was in my package.  Carolyn sent a wonderful notebook for me that has pockets and dividers, plus a journal type book that I adore!  There were pencils and pens, erasers, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, note cards, a mug, and things for the girls that I couldn't even get a picture of because they ran away with them the second the box was open!  There were also stickers for my scrapbooking endeavors.  ;)

I truly was blessed by this package and the kind note that was put in the box.  If you want to participate go to The Homeschool Post and check it out. 


Unknown said...

How fun! I am soooo doing this in August!!!!

momma24 said...

It was so much fun! you should do it!!