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Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Fave Five

Well, it has been quite a week.  Some good, some bad, some just not worth thinking about again.  I so need this today to think about the good things and be thankful.  But frankly, my attitude stinks right now.

but I will try...

1.  The weather.  It has been hot, humid, and sunshiney.  (yes, that's a word!)  It has been beautiful.  I'm not much one for summer and the all-consuming heat, but the Vit. D is amazing. lol  It is gorgeous to see the clear blue sky and hear the sounds of summer all around us.

2.  Books!  I love books.  No, let me rephrase that...I LOVE BOOKS!!  The feel of them, the smell of them, even the idea of them!  I have been surrounded by books this week getting ready for our next school year.  There are piles of these wonderful treasures all over the house just waiting to be explored.  (Yes, honey, I will get them picked up and put away soon!)

3.  My kiddos.  I love being home with them.  They are so much fun and such a joy to me.  This week has bee especially challenging with one of them and she has pushed every button that I have.  But, I still love being with her.  They sharpen me, challenge me to be better than I am and force me to change.  That is not something I do willingly!  I can't imagine sending them away for eight hours a day every day of the week.  I love having them home!

4.  The Drive-In theater.  My oldest dd and I went to one this week and they are so much fun!  We try and go as a family on the weekends and nothing beats sitting in a lawn chair watching a movie on a screen the size of a large building. lol  I hope we can go many more times this summer.  btw It is MUCH cheaper than the indoor type of theater.

5.  Blockbuster Online.  I love getting movies in the mail!  It is so exciting to see what we will be watching next.  I also love taking them back to the store that is just down the street and exchanging it for a FREE movie!  Who doesn't love Free?

So, what's your Fave Five?  Want to participate?  Head on over to Susanne's at Living to Tell the Story and link up.  I'll look forward to reading it.  :)


aspiritofsimplicity said...

I would love to go to a drive-in! We have a few in our area but they are a very long drive.

Jerralea said...

Oh, I love books too! It's such a challenge finding somewhere to store them ... But I think a home without books would just be a house.

It's neat that you can go to drive-in movies. I have memories of my dad taking us when we were kids. There isn't one anywhere in my area now ...

Hazel said...

I love being reminded of the positive effects of having kids. And books?! that's quite a party! They're one of my favorite things to collect.

Donnetta said...

I can relate to your love of books. Trips to the library or a bookstore can turn into real highlights for me! :-)

I don't know of any drive-in theater's in our area, but they sure do sound like fun.

Although we don't do blockbuster online, we do use netflix which sounds quite similar.

I, too, enjoy every moment I can spend with my children!

Thanks for stopping by my place as well! Happy Friday... and 4th!

Brenda said...

I was not aware that Blockbuster is online, I only know netflix.

It is fun to sit outside at the drive in and watch movies. Our community has movies in the park in the summer and we enjoy that as well.

Mary said...

We have a drive-in here, but I haven't been in years! I can't stay up late enough to go!
Visiting from FFF!

Lindsay said...

LOL! My week has been consumed with books too......but the selling of them to get ready for next year is what I am doing! Have a very blessed week!

Barbara H. said...

Your kids all look so much alike! Very cute! I know what you mean about loving being home with them, even if they push our buttons. I don't want anyone else raising mine!

Karyn said...

FFF is the best excuse to change our stinky attitude to one of gratitude.

Books in general are wonderful. But books spread out as you prepare for the next year of school.....nothing better. I miss that.

Having your kids home with you all day every day gives you so much opportunity for growth. LOL

Wish we had a drive in theater around here - I used to love going to the drive in.

Hope your next week is a little easier

Susanne said...

I used to love the drive-in! Unfortunately they closed ours years ago. So sad. My kids have never experienced one.

I love, love, love books too!

Glad you joined in even though it was a tougher week!

Anonymous said...

That drive-in experience sounds like such a fun thing to do in summer -- lawn chairs and all! May your next week have more faves and fewer forgetables.

Kari said...

oh kids what can we say - they do challenge us to become better people.
I love books too and i love drive-in. I think they are so much more fun.
Hope this week is a better week for ya!

Cathie said...

I know what you mean about thankfulness helping get past a bad attitude - it works (almost) every time. I miss the days when my little ones were home for summer vacations - they are grown up and gone now. Enjoy these days!