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Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday's Fave Five

This week my Fave Five are all about Royal Family Kids Camp.  I spent the week volunteering at a camp for Foster Kids.  It is grueling and rewarding.

So here they are:

1.  Air Conditioning!  It was soo hot at camp.  Our dorms, cafeteria, and chapel are air conditioned and we loved every minute in those buildings. lol

2.  Meeting new people and clicking instantly.  I had two young co-counselors this year (20 years old!  I am 38!!) and they were wonderful.  We hit it off and worked well together.  God orchestrated it perfectly.

3.  The prayers of the Saints.  I couldn't have made it this week without those prayers.  And I am not kidding.  It was one of the hardest weeks I have spent at camp ever.

4.  The love of a God that sees the broken-hearted children and feels their pain with them and allows me to love them too.  What a blessing to be a part of binding up some of their wounds and telling them that Jesus loves them and cares about them.  It is so humbling.

5.  A little blonde haired, blue eyed girl that stole my heart and broke it at the same time.  F was very violent this week and she physically wounded me as well as another staff member and I couldn't do anything but love her more and cry for the pain she has been through.  She is a very troubled little girl that has not had any breaks in life, in fact it has been downright hideous so far.  And yet, God loves her and wants His will for her life and allowed me to be a small part of it.  Hopefully someday the seeds of Love we planted will grow and flourish and help to change her life.

I am desperately tired and my body is more than sore.  But my heart is broken for these kids that don't know the love of earthly parents or have the safety of home.  Pray for the kids in foster care, they desperately need it.

If you want to participate head on over to Susanne's at Living to Tell the Story and sign up!


Laura said...

I am nearly in tears after reading your post. I will continue to pray for these special children and for you.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Your #5 brought tears to my eyes -- I'm praying for this little one now.

You were a blessing to those kids this week in ways you'll never know. In June or so, I posted about a friend of mine who had three foster children at once. I learned alot from her about the heartbreak that's there.

Blessings on you!

Karyn said...

God Bless you for giving to these children. I pray they will take more than a week at camp away with them.

I'm glad you had some AC! First time I ever heard of that at camp!

Cindy said...

Heart warming to think these children have you. Hang in, they need you.

Find something special about this little one she will come around while we pray for her.