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Friday, February 15, 2008

What a Mug!!

I LOVE MUGS!!! Actually, I love just about any dishes, really!

So, I decided to take a few pictures of my favorite ones.

I love the look of my coffee in this clear one!

This is one of my absolute favorites! It is soo big!

These are so delicate that they make me feel dainty just using them!

These are a set that were given to me for Christmas. Did I mention that I love teapots, too?

This is one that I received after going to Royal Family Kids Camp for seven years. I use it more often than the others. :)

Here is one that my wonderful sister gave me. 'La, La, La' is something that I say at camp when I just can't handle the emotional strain anymore. It is a wonderfully tall mug that holds more coffee than I need in a day!


Donna said...

Well, I have to agree with you on the dishes. I love 'em too.

I've tagged you over on my blog. Whatcha reading?

Andra said...

You are just like me....I collect coffee mugs...I like my mismatched set! lol Each one represents a visit somewhere or just my mood for the day.

Kristine said...

Very cute, I enjoyed you sharing your collection!