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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Field Trip

We went on a field trip yesterday with our Home School group!

We went to our State's Capitol, Topeka.

Honestly, I didn't think that it would be that interesting! Dh came so he could help me with the kids and I am glad he did.

The kids were great! And we had a BLAST!! We learned so much and had a wonderful time exploring the whole building.

The Capitol was hosting the annual 'Day Under the Dome' for Home Schoolers so we had free reign. We were able to go into just about every room! We were escorted into the Library, the Chambers, and coolest of all were the rooms where our Senators and Representatives convene to make our laws!!!

I will quit talking a post pictures! ;)

I will post more later!! I have to go make breakfast now!!!


Donna said...

Great pictures. I love the one looking up at the dome.

chillywilly said...

To cool sis.