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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Oohh, Aahh

Can you see the hidden animal?

I saw this on the way home. It was a rainbow in this little cloud only! It happened twice!! My camera died and I only got it one time-bit one time was enough.

The last sight of the day!


Jodi said...

Beautiful pictures.

It it an owl in the top photo?

momma24 said...

No, it is just a little chickadee, I believe!

Jodi said...

Oh that's funny, when I clicked on the picture to see it larger it looked like an owl. LOL

chillywilly said...

Beautiful sis

Laura said...

What a cool picture - pretty.

Unknown said...

I had to enlarge the pictures to see the sparrow, or chickadee, or whatever it was.

Loved the rainbow cloud!
Vicki SHS