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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Better Shot!

I decided that after the last picture I posted, I better put a better one of me on here!

This is from our last family picture taking endeavor.


Laura said...

What a lovely family!!!!

Kristine said...

L*O*V*E*L*Y photo! We've tried the family photo once (professionally anyway). Dh came home in a rush to get dressed and make our appointment. The kids and I were dressed in jeans. Robert was NOT happy, he wanted us to dress up a little. We didn't have time to change, and I wouldn't have had anything else to coordinate nicely anyway. After an hour to finally get a few decent shots, Holly informed us, "NEXT time we have a family photo taken, I'M going to Grandma's!" That was 7 years ago, and she's STILL traumatized by it!

By then, it was very late, so we stopped and had a $60 dinner at The Outback. Later, they did not get the photos to us as promised (in time for Christmas) and we ended up getting all of our cards for free.

So. I guess it's no surprise we've only done it once, lol.