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Friday, February 29, 2008

I forgot to post my challenge this month for the Decorating through the Year challenge!!

Since I have been sick for most of the month, I decided to make the whole house my project!

Actually, I decided to hang pictures throughout the house. I called up my sis and we hung almost all of them!

We are soo good! ;)

This is hanging in our front room

This is hanging in our kitchen eating area.

These are things that people made for us. The one on the left is part of our wedding announcement. The one on the right is a cross-stitch that my step-mom made for us.

I love this picture. It has all of the wonderful names of Jesus on it.

This is just as you come down the stairs.

This is one of those things that I bought to make the other house look better while we were selling it!! It was a clearance item and I just fell in love with it!

1 comment:

Lisa in Jax said...

Very nice! You've done more than I have.LOL It's been a rough month but we'll get that kitchen done