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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Typecrush Mosaic Reviews


We love games. We really do. We have an enormous amount of fun playing them and being silly. Okay, we are silly most of the time but a good game will bring it out even more!

Typecrush is a simple game but is pretty genius if you ask me. This game has so many applications and uses and is simple enough to change it up however you want. It is ready to use right out of the packaging. No extensive directions and set up time. Open the lid, pour our the letters and start your fun.

We sat around our dinner table and played a pretty simple game. I started by choosing a word and laying the letters out face down. One by one the kids guessed a letter, we played hangman style, until someone was able to guess. Even the 3yo got in on the action! We gave her a card and it helped her recognize her letters by sight and she even guessed a few right! We had a few wild cheering moments when one child in particular guessed 3 or 4 times without getting one right then finally guessed one letter and knocked out THREE spaces in the word! She didn't end up winning but was pretty thrilled none the less.

I can already see the practical uses for this game. I have two that aren't natural spellers and they had to figure out how to spell their word before they could pick up the letters. They had to stop and think about it but because it was for a game it wasn't as intimidating or embarrassing. It also helps solidify spelling when they see the word solved after having guessed the letters.

I love anything that helps in practical and fun ways. Right?

Here's a bit about Typecrush:

Typecrush™ is a word game based on letter frequency analysis—how frequently letters appear in the English language. It's kind of like a color-coded hangman, but way more entertaining and educational. Best for players age seven and older, Typecrush is as simple or challenging as your imagination decides.

There’s only one rule in Typecrush—whoever solves the word first gets to choose the next word. That’s it. If you’d like more rules—you’re free to make up your own. Typecrush is about communication and connection more than keeping score, so feel free to give a hint or turn over a letter if a player asks. We recommend playing themes like US states, types of animals, celebrity names and more. The options are endless. Follow us at@Typecrush for more theme ideas.

Typecrush letters are durable and easily handled and stored. The metal canister is the perfect size for storing in the game cabinet and it keeps the letter disks neatly stored. It frustrates me when a game doesn't go back in the package the right way. Yes, it may be my OCD showing but it should go back in the packaging so you can store it easily. Typecrush does. Even when the kids put it away! ;-)

You can buy Typecrush on their website here for $25. You get FREE shipping and a full refund if you aren't completely satisfied. You can't beat that. You can also check out their blog over Here, or scroll to the bottom of their website for social media options.

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