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Thursday, August 1, 2013

No Good deed...

You've heard the phrase, "No good deed goes unpunished." Right? I mean there's even a song about it in the musical Wicked. It seems to hold true sometimes. especially in our house right now.

You see, Bethany and I went to a work day at the AYSO fields last Saturday. We have done it a few times and it always feels good to help. Until now.

We both are covered in poison ivy. My arms are pretty ugly while her legs are icky. It is spreading to most of our bodies and we are just plain miserable. Several of my blisters are boil-like. They are big and UGLY. It is a little embarrassing really. But beyond that I wish I could take a wire brush to my rash and go to town. But I'm pretty sure that would be a bad idea!

For now we are stuck with steroids, antibiotics for the infected spider bites we got the same day, and every home remedy we hear about. I would try almost anything to relieve this itching.


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Unknown said...

That looks painful. Feel better soon. Left a comment on the tour. Huggles