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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Poison Ivy Update

Oh my goodness. The last three + weeks have been awful. The poison ivy ended up getting pretty stinking bad. It covered our entire bodies. Seriously. I am not kidding. It was bad.

It took 1 dose of oral steroids(normal strength), a steroid shot (strong), another round of super strong oral steroids, an antibiotic, and an super strong antihistamine to knock it out.

But it's still not gone. Well the poison ivy is. Wait...there was in fact poison ivy and poison oak that we got into, just wanted to clear that up.

We ended up getting a secondary infection in our skin from the many blisters. So now the blisters are gone but we have a rash covering a good portion of us that is red, scaly, dry, and itchy. What fun!

Here are some pics so you can be amazed!! These aren't even the worst of the pics but the others are too nasty to share. Just trust me, it was ugly.

these are of the rash on my arms. at least the blisters are gone, right?

Are you itching yet?! heehee


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