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Thursday, May 30, 2013

I completely forgot...

I completely forgot that we did a garage sale. Now, if you know me in real life then you know this is big. I hate hosting garage sales. But, we needed to raise some money for our vacation and we had plenty of stuff to get rid of so...

Garage Sale.

The girls were amazing and helped constantly to get it ready. We got up at 6am on the Thursday and Friday of the sale and sat in our garage all morning. It was a lot of fun. Kind of . Until I had to take the kids to dentist appointments Thursday afternoon.

That was not fun.

We were there for forever.

The highlight of that was Bug. She was excellent and very entertaining. She danced around the waiting room and tried to get the fish to do tricks! When all the girls were done with check-ups Bug asked very excitedly if it was her turn. Her eyes were sparkling and she was doing her little happy dance. They couldn't say no to her! They took her back and 'performed' a check-up on her and gave her her own little bag of stuff. It was too precious.

Friday's garage sale lasted a bit longer as we were trying to get the money. It's all about money! heehee not really but kind of. We held out until around 1:30 when i called it a day.

We made enough to pay for our Dixie Stampede Tickets! The girls are supremely excited that we were able to pay for this part of vacation and that they helped. That was my only prayer for our sale was that we could raise enough money for the kids to help with the tickets. They wanted to contribute and did in a big way!

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