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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Teaching Parents Association Homeschool Convention

Yes, I am behind in my posting. Again.

May 30th and June 1st was the dates for our local homeschool convention this year. It is put on by The Teaching Parents Association here in Wichita and they do a fantastic job. It is held at Century 2 convention center and is a two day event you shouldn't miss if you are in the mid-west.

This year we had the honor of listening to Carol Barnier and Israel Wayne as the main speakers as well as Andrew Pudewa and many others. The vendor hall was full of wonderful vendors and the workshops had useful information.

This is a convention put on for the local homeschoolers by local homeschoolers who care about our community. They are in the trenches for us every day helping to ensure our rights as homeschoolers. Plan on supporting the TPA at next year's convention. Until then, visit their website and facebook page to get information and help on your journey.



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