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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Apologia How Do We Know God is Really There? Review

I know in our house kids can ask some pretty tough questions and like most parents I don't have all the answers. I know, I know...I probably shouldn't admit that out loud but it's true. And my kids already know it anyway. I am learning every day just like they are.

There have been times they have asked questions and I didn't know the answer. But there have also been times that they have asked hard questions and I just didn't know how to answer. I knew what I believed I just couldn't put it into words that would help them understand.

That's where this 'little' book comes in. How Do We Know God is Really There? is a sweet book that packs quite a punch. It tackles the hard question kids have about Gods existence and walks them through the reasoning and science behind it.

Here is a little about the book:

"Thomas and his father escape to their backyard tree house most evenings to watch the night sky through a telescope. Thomas is dazzled by what he sees of God’s creation, but he has questions. “Dad, how do we know God is out there?” he asks one night. “I know the Bible says He’s there. But how do we really know that’s true?” Together, Thomas and his father begin to examine the cosmological evidence for God’s existence. This is the first in an exciting new series of picture books designed to introduce kids to important questions of the Christian faith in terms even pre-readers can understand. Read this aloud with your family, and you’ll come away knowing that “the heavens declare the glory of God and the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” (Psalm 19:1)."

How Do We Know God Is Really There is a sweet book with fun illustrations and a simple way to talk to your kids about the existence of God. This is the first book in a series that will address some hard questions for kids. I know I will be on the lookout for this series!

Aren't these illustrations sweet? They are fun, engaging and help convey the importance of the story.

If you want to purchase this wonderful book for yourself, you can head over to the Apologia Site and snag one for yourself for $16.

How Do We Know God is Really There? is a tool evey family can and should use to help children learn to know what they believe and why.

While you are at Apologia's website don't forget to check out all the other great products they have available.


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