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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Awards and such

Being part of The Wichita Warriors has been a neat experience.  There have been friendships formed, skills learned, and memories made.  We have loved it.

Yes, I know I've said that before but it bears repeating.  ;-)

Monday night The Warriors had their award ceremonies for the entire year.  The emails said for the students to wear nice dresses and/or dress pants, etc.  I didn't realize it was as big of deal as it ended up being.

Bethany wore the dress she wore when she sang in the wedding in March and looked beautiful.  I, on the other hand wore capris and a t-shirt.  I had to go to a planning meeting for our homeschool group as soon as she was done at the ceremony.  I felt a little under-dressed!

But that's okay.  I was there to see Bethany honored for her participation in soccer.  It was nice to see the different teams up there and their coaches talking about them.  Our friend, Z, received and honorary mention for All League or All Tournament-I can't remember which! lol

Our girls soccer team took stage and the coach said, "You are looking at Northwest High Tournament Champions!"  Woohoo!  That was pretty cool and the girls were so proud.

I left right after the girls soccer team was done and zoomed over to the planning meeting.  The meeting was under way when I got there.  I missed dinner but was in time for dessert!

The planning meeting was successful and we planned next years classes for our group.  I will be teaching Ancient civilizations for High School and a Science class for 2nd and 3rd grades-I think!  ;-)  The classes are going to be great, again, and the planning meeting went smoothly and quickly.  It doesn't always, let me tell you!

The night was a long one but it was successful.  I love it when that happens.

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