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Friday, April 5, 2013

She loves the game anyway

Playing for the Warriors has been a dream come true for Bethany. We love the coach. We love the team. We love the uniforms! Lol

She loves it even though she was injured last night at her game.

The game was a real nail biter. We started out slow but fired more shots on the goal than the other team. We scored first but they followed with a fast goal that should not have counted. Seriously. Their player had such a hand handball I thought we started playing baseball. She held the ball in her hand and directed it toward the goal. Ugh

But our girls answered with a tough defense and a fighting offense. We held the score down to 1-1 until just before the end of the first half. They scored a goal when our defense got caught in the mire and couldn't help the keeper.

It was a little disappointing but considering we were playing a private school team that is really good-we were pretty happy. And our girls were still smiling and working as a team.

The second half started quickly and we spent a majority of the game on their end of the field. We fired more shots on the goal than they did by far. Probably 4-1. Our offense was really driving to the goal. The other teams keeper was outstanding, she was hard to get around and her defense let her down on two of the goals.
The score stayed 2-1, the other team, until just about five minutes before the end of the game. Our girls fought hard for the goal and did it! It was so exciting. The excitement was short lived though. The other team had possession and Beth charged them. They kicked the ball and she quickly took control of it. The other team was moving in fast so she reared back to boot it. She has a pretty hard kick and she was going for it on this one. She kicked it good and hard right before a girl from the other team charged. The ball left Bethany's foot and immediately hit the other girls ankle area. It bounced off her and like lightening made a bee line for Bethany's face. It hit her square on the nose and dropped her like a ton of bricks.

We waited for her to get up. She always gets up. She is a tough cookie, as her coach says, and she has only ever stayed down three times in nine years. One was a concussion from the same kind of hit, one was a cracked rib, and now this one. I wasn't too worried until she just didn't get up. She was on her hands and knees facing the ground. The ref called the coaches over and my heart started pounding. They kept her down for a few minutes and then finally after an agonizing amount of time walked her off field. She looked a little woozy as she walked and it took all of my strength not to run over there and rescue her.

see the swelling on the bridge?

They sat her down on the bench and tended to her. But she was benched for the rest of the game. :(  But at least it was only about five minutes. But that entire five minutes she was sitting there looking at the ground. She barely even watched the game. I knew then that she was hurting more than she let on.
The girls on field held on to the tie for all they were worth. We were thrilled with a tie! A win would be better but a tie is nothing to sneeze at, right? We were celebrating the tie when another parent told us they were going for overtime.

Ugh, our girls were tired and I could tell that Bethany was frustrated she wasn't going to get to play. But the refs called them back on the field for two 5min quarters. There would be no shoot out so whoever scored the most in these extra quarters would win.

No pressure, right?

Well, our girls stepped up. They fought hard and fired shots on the goal while defending theirs. The first five minute quarter passed with no score. The next quarter started with much anxiety on the field and off. We were on pins and needles.

The five minutes was flying by with no score when with just about a minute left one of our girls broke away, passed and we scored! It was fantastic. The girl fought until the end and came out the victors.

All in all it was a great game. Thankfully Bethany will be able to play next week in all three games. I don't know if we could have lived with her if they had told she couldn't play! She does love this game!!

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