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Monday, April 29, 2013

It's over...

Well, the play is over.  We had four performances in three days and it is finally over!  Yes, I am really happy to be done for a while.  But also super sad because I love those kids and I love the theater.  But, I'm more happy than sad. lol

The performances Thursday and Friday went really well.  My nieces were in those performances as Princess Aurora/Briar Rose and Merryweather-main fairy.  They were outstanding!

Saturday's performances featured my girls.  ;-)  Sarah was Maleficent and Naomi was Flora, a main fairy.  They were amazing!  Sarah is a natural actress and played Maleficent with a lot of character and dimension.  She was outstanding!  But, we aren't surprised at that.  We have known that she is an amazing actress her whole life but it is always good to see it again!

The one we were surprised at was Naomi!  Not that we didn't think she would do a good job but we just didn't know how she would respond to having such a big role.  She has only had a very minor part in a summer camp before this and the night before the show she was sobbing she was so nervous!

She came out on stage and her face was so alive and captivating.  She used her whole face and interacted with the others on stage so well.  I couldn't be more proud of her.

She has definitely been bitten by the acting bug!

Pictures will come but I was directing and couldn't take any so I have to wait to get them from others!

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