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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Really? You're gonna say that to me?

So I was at the doctors office for quite a while today getting some tests done and I encountered something I wish I hadn't.

I had been there for almost four hours when the tech came back in to take out my iv. She was chit-chatting and it came around to us homeschooling. Now, normally I am not one to shy away from telling people we homeschool. I am proud of the fact and I love to talk about it.

But today that backfired.

As soon as I said we homeschooled she started lecturing me and telling me all the bad things about homeschooling.

Seriously. I'm not even kidding.

I sat there for a few minutes listening to her tell me how important socialization is and that they can only really get that in public school. Being around their friends was at the top of her list for reasons for going to school. Not get an outstanding education-socializing with friends. Bleh, what a load of...

I can't even say what I was thinking. :(

I listened to her telling me about how if you farm out the subjects like Math, Science, English, History, and 'subjects like those', then you could probably homeschool just fine. "You wouldn't want to get outside your knowledge base you know." "I mean how could you teach your children things like Math and Science when you don't have any training." Yes, she really said these things. I was getting more and more angry with each new ridiculous thing she said.

She made mention of 'those' types of homeschoolers that never get out of their houses and so their kids never learn to be with their peers...this is when I couldn't keep silent any longer.

I just couldn't.

She brought up socialization again and so I said with as much calm and respect as I could, "I wouldn't send my kids to school to be socialized. I've seen how those peer groups act and I don't want my kids acting like that. I don't want that kind of influence in their lives." She looked at me dumbfounded and I went on. "Socialization isn't the reason kids are in school, education is and frankly my kids are better off at home with me."

Yeah, not sure I won any points with her but I get so tired of people speaking from a place of complete ignorance regarding homeschooling that I just couldn't take it anymore. Tell me where in the real world do people only interact with others in their peer group? College maybe? It certainly isn't that way in the workplace so why is it the best model for education? Life is about getting along with people of ALL age groups, races, abilities, etc not just the ones that are the same age as you.

She has obviously never met my kids and has no idea that they are just about the most social kids there are yet they have never set foot in a school setting. So her theory about going to public school to learn to socialize is complete bunk.

Now, before anyone gets all up in arms mad at me let me be clear. Yes, I homeschool and yes I think it is the best for our family. I also think the public school system is broken and is failing. Not every school is bad and not every teacher is awful. I happen to know some fantastic teachers in the public schools and the students in their classes are fortunate to have them. It's just the system as a whole that's the problem.

No, I don't think every family should homeschool and I don't try to make people feel bad for sending their kids to school. Each family needs to decide what is best for their kids and family. For us it is homeschooling. But when people talk about homeschooling with authority and they really have no stinking idea what they are talking about through personal experience then I get mad. I went to public school and I can tell you firsthand how it failed me. I can speak to the holes in their system because I fell through them. I can also speak about the bad influence some of the public school kids have had on my own kids because I have seen it firsthand.

I can also tell you that some of my children's best friends over the years have been public schooled kids and I have loved them dearly. But they introduced things into my kids' lives that stole a piece of their innocence and that is not okay with me.

My job as a mother is to protect them long enough that they get to be kids and innocent as long as possible. No, not everyone agrees with me and that's okay. I'm their mother and you are not. Blunt? Yes, but true. Why would we force our children to lose their innocence and grow up before they are ready? That is the exact opposite of what a parent should be doing.

Okay, enough of my rant. I'm done complaining about rude ignorant people for now! lol

While I welcome comments if they are snarky or rude I will delete them. I like to have discussions but won't tolerate nastiness.


Unknown said...

Amen Sister!

Kristine said...

LOL at her comments! Seriously, I am so done with people's anti-homeschool remarks when they have absolutely no idea of what they are saying.

Let me guess: She was socialized at a public school, right?

(Okay, a bit snarky, but I'm laughing, so I'm not really being mean!)

Alicia Charmbury said...

Well said!

Laurie said...

I love this on so many levels!! I'm SO tired of the "socialization" comments. Do people even know what that really means??