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Friday, April 19, 2013

Catch up

It seems that no matter how hard I try I keep falling behind.  In everything.


So, I'll just start where I'm at.  ;-)

Last weekend, Bethany had a soccer weekend.  More like extended weekend with a home game on Thursday and two away games on Friday and Saturday.

We lost all of them.  :(

Thursday's game was a hard fought game but the other team was way more physical, read dirty, and had excellent ball handling skills.  Bethany took a few hard hits from a certain player before she gave what she got.  The girl didn't bother her after that! lol

Friday's and Saturday's games were hard to watch.  The offense and midfield seemed tired and left the defense to work their entire side of the field alone.  No one came back to help, except a few players who were fighting hard, so they played four defenders on at least eight opponents.  It was tough but the defenders fought hard and should be proud.  It wasn't the way they normally play so it was even more frustrating.

Saturday's game was much the same.  I had one very frustrated defender by the end of the weekend.  But that's life and learning to lose is part of it, right?  There will be times when the defense messes up and the offense is playing more than their share and then they will be the frustrated ones.  Then there will be games like ones they have already had when they are all hitting the mark and are on fire.  Ups and downs are the name of the game.

Sometimes no matter how much you train or how well you know how to play it just doesn't come together.  That's true in sports and in life.  We watched footage this week of a professional soccer player who was defending his goal and went to kick the ball out and accidentally tipped it into his own goal.  Yeah, he knew how to play the game, trained to win and in one moment made a mistake.  It happens. And being that it's high school soccer and not life and death I think it will be just fine!  ;-)

The team had a great time socially in between games and grew closer together.  I drove a group of five girls to and from the games and carted them around the town.  They are super sweet girls and thankfully no one but me snored that night! lol

The rest of the weekend was low key and spent at bed...sleeping!  I was so tired I couldn't function right.

Monday rolled around and was filled with theater practice and soccer practice and general craziness.  Tuesday was school and BSF.  Wednesday I got to have coffee in the afternoon with a dear friend and Naomi had gymnastics.  Thursday we had two sickies in the house; almost three but the mom doesn't get to be a little sick does she?  Today we are talking about getting formal dress for Bethany so she can attend a formal dance in May!

That's us in a nutshell.  Maybe next week I will keep up a little better.  But then again maybe not.  Next week is tech week with four performances Thursday-Saturday...don't count on hearing from me anytime soon! ;-)

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