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Monday, April 29, 2013

Saving Memories Forever -Mosaic Reviews

I wish I had stories from my grandparents and their siblings that I could listen to to hear their voices one more time and let me kids hear them.  Stories are passed down but there is something extra special in hearing them in the original storytellers voice.

Mosaic Reviews had the opportunity to review a product that will do just that.  Saving Memories Forever is an app and website designed to help you record and share family memories.

From the website:
Have you ever wished you could remember your parents’ stories about their childhood? Do you have relatives who you only see once in awhile, but whose stories you’d love to capture and keep? Have you planned to write down your family history, but just haven’t had the time? Saving Memories Forever helps families record, save, and share family memories “one story at a time”.

This is an innovative idea to preserve family stories and preserve them for future generations.  It is simple to set up and use with the App and their website.

I used the Saving Memories Forever app for my iphone and was able to pull it out whenever a story was told or I remembered something I wanted to keep.  Setting up the account was simple and took only a few minutes.

I downloaded the app and was instantly ready to get started.

You log in and see the above screen.  The option of Helpful Tips is useful and can be referenced each time you open the app if you need.  The next screen takes you to choosing the Storyteller.  You can set up each of your family members with their own entries.  That makes it easier to find specific stories later.  You can also upload pictures for each Storyteller.

After you choose your Storyteller you then choose a Category.

Once you have chosen from the above Category you move on to Selecting a Question.

These questions are great if you have someone that is shy to start with but gets talking once they have been asked a few questions.  There are multiple questions to choose from so you can move on to a different one if the first few don't strike your fancy!

Once you have chosen a question you are ready to begin recording.

When you are finished recording you can Playback to listen to it, Re-Record it, or Upload it to the website.  Once you have uploaded it it will appear in My Memories tab at the top of the screen.  It's that simple!

Wondering how much it costs?  Well, This Page has a great layout describing the differences in the Free versus Paid versions.  Check it out.  But, basically there is a FREE version, $3.99 a month, or a Yearly Fee of $40.  With the Free Version there is a charge for downloading the zip files of your stories but it is only $12.95.  With the paid subscription this service is free.

While you over checking out their website don't forget to check out the FAQ page, the About Us page, Fun Stuff, , and How It Works.  There are also tips on recording and using the app and website.  The website is full of great information you don't want to miss.

If you have stories you want to pass down to your kids and grandkids then Saving Memories Forever is just the thing for you.

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