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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sister Update

Thithers surgery went well.  She came through it just like they thought she would.  A night's stay in the hospital and she should be able to go home.  Praise God!

Being the loving sister that I am I decided to let her use our portable DVD player that we use in the car so she could watch movies.  She loves movies more than I do!  So tonight I went back up to the hospital after supper to visit with her for a while.  We took the player, movies, and ourselves up there and visited for a while.  When the pain pills started working we started to set up the player so it would be ready when she needed it and realized that I hadn't brought the power cord.  ugh

I felt horrible about not bringing it so I told her I would drive home to get it and bring it back.  No biggie.

On the way home I call Steven to find the cord.  He can't.  It's nowhere to be found.  I finally made it home to look for it myself.

Nope, no where to be found.  double ugh

We find a few that might work but get my laptop just in case they don't work out.

We drive all the way back up to the hospital to deliver everything.  It's a good thing I brought the laptop because neither cord we brought to try worked.  bleh

The laptop stayed with Thither.  She used it during the night because hospitals are oh so restful at night! lol

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chillywilly said...

The computer came in handy at 4 in the a.m. Thank you