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Monday, May 7, 2012

Field Day

Our homeschool group had our Field Day today.  It was a chilly day.  No, it was cold. 

Okay, maybe it was only cold to me bc I am always cold but it was at least chilly for everyone!

Our Field Day has a shot put, discus, 50 yard dash, relay, long jump, and basket ball shoot.  Each child gets to attempt each event twice in order to get the highest possible score.  The standards are set and we don't just give them an easy 1st place.  (yeah, we are mean like that making them work for it!)

The 60 some kids are divided up in age groups to compete.  We spend around two hours completing the events and then have lunch together.  Our awards ceremony comes after lunch.  Then the most important part of the day-playing on the playground!!

It is always such a fun day and I am so glad when it is done. lol  It is tiring but fun memories. 

Have I mentioned that I love our homeschool group?  ;-)

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