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Saturday, May 5, 2012


Well, we lost our game last night.  It was against a team that is known to cheat in more ways than one.  They bring in players from other leagues to play for the tourney and get violent. 

We scored the first goal!!!  It was a hard fought goal and the girls were thrilled to get it.  We ended up losing though, 3-1.  We weren't too upset about it though because last year we lost 7-0.  Plus, we have only AYSO players and the other team had at least 6 from a different league.  Another thing is when we played this team last time they only had 7 players-we had to loan them 3 of ours-and then they showed up for the tourney with 15 players.  What's with that?  Whatever.

We won our first game on Saturday but one of our players got injured.  She was trampled by a very large girl.  It was all fair but our girl was smaller so she lost the battle!  Sunshine also hurt her knee but was fine. 

Our second game on Saturday we lost.  This was the team that gave one of our girls a concussion.  They still played dirty.  We fought hard but since one of our key defenders was out with a concussion it was difficult.  This team also has players from a competitive league on it.  We ended up losing 3-0.  They scored one more goal but it was called back bc they trampled our goal keeper.  She laid down on the ball and they stepped all over her to free the ball and scored.  The ref ignored it and tried to start the game again.  Our keeper was crying and holding her arm while our defenders were calling for the ref to come back.  He finally did check on her and so did our coach.  The ref asked if we wanted the goal called back.  He asked us.  Seriously?  He is the one in charge.  Did he not know that that is illegal?  Good grief.  We asked for the goal to be taken away and that made the other team super mad.  It got even uglier after that. 

I was so proud of our girls through it all.  They kept their heads up, kept smiling, and had fun.  They are friends outside of the team and will continue to be for a long time.  That is more important than a game. 

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