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Monday, May 28, 2012

Anniversary Weekend

So, Steven and I finally went on our anniversary weekend.  It was a bit delayed but that's okay.  We did it.

The girls went to my mom's on Friday afternoon then we set off for Kansas City.  We got lunch, turned on the tunes, and turned on the GPS.  Yeah, we know how to get to Kansas City but we are fascinated by that stupid thing.  That would come back to bite us in the butt later in the weekend but that will have to wait a bit.

Conversation was lively, snacks were yummy, time was flying.  We arrived in no time and with no real problems.  Okay, there was that one conversation that we argued from different perspectives; but that's not unusual for us! lol 

We pulled up to the hotel we booked and both got a little leery.  It didn't look that great from the outside; it was a strange color. And it looked a little run down.  We don't have that high of expectations but clean is a must.  kwim?  We at least were going to go in and see what it was like. 

We were very pleasantly surprised.  The lobby was beautiful and the waiting area was done up like a library.  Of course that would appeal to me! lol  The girl at the desk was very pleasant while checking us in.  We were set and anxious to put our stuff in our room.

The room was great.  It was spacious and clean.  There was a couch and two wing-back type chairs, a small fridge, a microwave, and a huge comfy bed.  We set our things down quickly so we could decide on what to do next.  Eat of course!

We found that we had forgotten a few things so a stop at Wally world was a must but then we were going to find food.  We found the restaurant through the GPS, plugged it in and took off.  We laughed and talked the whole way.  That is until we were going further than we thought we should.  I kept looking at the infernal machine and it kept telling me to keep going. 

We kept going.

and going.

When we finally made it out of the business type area and into open highway headed for Des Moines, the GPS said that we had arrived!  Seriously.  The middle of 435 highway was where that stupid little machine sad was our destination. 

We plug in a different address and head off for that one.  It was pretty fun and we laughed the entire way.

Until...we couldn't find the second one.    We pulled into a strip mall to figure things out and came across a restaurant we had thought about going to.  We slipped into a parking stall quickly and went inside!  We were starving. 

Dinner was good.  Not great but good enough.  Does that make sense? 

We got back in the car and drove around to see what we could see.  Lo and behold guess what we found?  Yup, the original restaurant we were looking for!    We laughed so hard.  But, we kept it in mind just in case we couldn't find another restaurant we were looking for. lol

Saturday we headed to Crown Center after breakfast and coffee and spent the day at the aquarium and mall.  Hey, we had to work off all the calories from breakfast somehow!!  We made it back to the hotel in time for a little rest and a change of clothing.  We had just enough time to make it to the movie. 

After the movie we drove around listening to that bossy little machine again only to find out that it was wrong, again.  ugh  Thankfully we had our phones and found the steakhouse that way.  Supper was YUMMY.  We took dessert back to the room with us and enjoyed a quiet night in the room.  (Kristine, we got cheese fries!!)

Sunday was relaxed even though we were leaving in the morning.  We ate breakfast, got coffee(of course), checked out and started on our way. 

It was a great weekend with my husband.  I am so thankful we are able to get away like this sometimes and keep our relationship vibrant and alive.  He is such an amazing husband, father, and man.  I am thankful that God gave him to me. 

btw, I did take pictures at the aquarium but they are on my phone and we all know how well I get those downloaded! lol

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