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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sleepovers. Really?

Our two older girls planned a sleep-over Friday night.  I absolutely adore the girls that came over.  But I do not enjoy staying up late listening to them giggling.

Not that I mind them giggling, but if I have just fallen asleep it tends to make me cranky to be woken up abruptly by chortling girls.


Friday night I took the oldest two to a movie.  It was fun until the movie started.  It was a worthless movie that will haunt me for quite some time to come.  Jack and Jill with Adam Sandler is one to avoid.  After the movie we came back home and I crawled into bed.  My bones were crying out to be horizontal.

The girls, however, don't suffer from old bones-itis, and stayed up for longer than I care to think about.  Now, truth be told I regularly stay up later than they did on this night but when it is my choice I am much happier about it.  They were in their bedrooms by 12:30 but they were far from quiet.

At 12:36 I trudged down the littered hallway trying to avoid breaking my toes on the multiple items haphazardly discarded without a second thought.  These same items will be treasured possessions when I late pick them up to take them to Goodwill.  It's a priceless tradition that will live on in our household for years to come.

After I have successfully navigated the priceless treasures I knock on the first door.  Music is blaring from the room as the door opens.  Bright eyed girls open the door, smiling at me.  I so did not need to see them smiling.  It did nothing for my disposition.

Said girls lovingly gazed at me and said, "Yes, Mommy?"  Can I be frustrated at that? 


I calmly asked them to be quieter and walked to the next room.

I was hopeful that the next set of girls would respond in the same way.  The knock on the door was still full of hope.  That hope was dashed when the door opened a little too quickly.  Both girls in that room were wide-eyed and smiling mischievously.  "Yes?"  Was what I was met with.


"Please be quite."  It's all I could get out without being snarky.  Hopefully it would be enough.

I fell asleep quickly and was in that magical black place that is peaceful and sweet.  When suddenly I was brought back to reality with a slap in the face.  No, not literally.  But the giggling and loud talking was just as effective.  I staid under the warm blankets for a few more minutes until I heard them again.

They were being so loud.  (probably not really but at 1am it seemed like they were screaming)  I marched back down the hallway somehow avoiding the tripping hazards and pounded on the door.  (knocked quietly not to wake up everyone else but in my heart I was pounding)  The music turned off at the sound of my knock but no one answered the door.

More knocking.

Quiet footsteps were heard around the stage whispers. 

The door slowly creaked open and a sweet and still too awake face peered out.  Her bright eyes really irritated me.  I know it wasn't rational but I was extremely and freaky upset with them at that moment.  I somehow managed to growl out, "Please be quiet."  It wasn't said with the most loving thoughts or feelings but at least I didn't scream at them, right?

"We were trying to be quiet."  She squeaked out.  She was still smiling and I had the urge to pull her hair or punch her in the face.  Did I mention that I was freaky tired? 

"T.r.y.h.a.r.d.e.r."  I am pretty sure that my lips never moved because my jaw was clenched shut.  Then I think I made some idle threats about taking the friends home, spun around on my heel, and stomped back to my room. (I so would not have gotten out at 1am to take a kid home unless they were puking their guts out.  I'm just sayin'.)  I'm not going to say that I slammed my door; I'll let you figure that one out. 

I blissfully fell back asleep while the girls were quiet as church mice high on sugar and caffeine!  They were just under my hearing level and so I was able to ignore them.  Of course, my snoring may have covered up their giggling but it worked either way!

Saturday morning the girls let me sleep in and didn't ask me to make breakfast.  They are so smart!  It was a blissful morning of waking up when I was ready to and not having anything to do.  Let me tell you, I milked it for everything I could. 

I love when the girls have sleep overs.  I love their friends.  I won't quit letting them but I may make sure that I am caught up on my sleep first! lol

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Karla said...

That was quite funny to read your version of it. The one I heard was much different and included going right to sleep at 12:30. lol Thanks for having them over and interrupting your sleep. And I would just like to take this moment to remind you of our devotion this morning- "Do everything without grumbling and complaining." Hee-hee!!