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Monday, January 16, 2012

A Brilliant Idea

In our family we have long kept Friday night open as a Family Night.  We don't schedule anything on that night if we can help it.  It has been a wonderful way to end our week.

But to be perfectly honest it has gotten a little boring.  We let it get stale and stagnant.  Oh we still did it but we weren't really looking forward to it anymore.  It was just something we did.

Steven and I had an idea that is going to revolutionize our Family Nights from now on.  We have been Super excited about it and can not wait for it to happen this Friday.

Want to know what we came up with? 

Are you sure?

Well...we love movies here.  No, I mean we seriously love them.  Over the years we have had movie marathons and will watch movies hundreds of times and they never get old.  See?  We love movies!

Anyway, we came up with the idea to have a Family Movie Night complete with movie tickets, a concessions stand, and money to get in. 


We decided to charge money-$5-to get in and to buy candy, soda, and popcorn so we had to have a way for the girls to earn money.  The cost of each item was set and then we decided how they would earn it.  Each day they would get the chance to earn more money.  School work that is done at the end of the day would get them $3, completed chores gets $2, etc.  They can not bring attention to what they are doing to get tickets but they can mention what their sisters are doing so the sister gets tickets. 

Sound like bribery?  Yeah, it does to me too and I'm okay with that!  We are rewarding them for the things they are doing and inspiring them to do more to earn money.  Sounds good to me!!

So, for our Family Movie Night we are having a feature film and possibly a double header for the admission price of $5.  Then the concessions stand will be available after they have paid for a ticket.  We will have several kinds of candy, chocolate, popcorn, chex mix(for those that don't like popcorn!), nachos, and soda.  Each for prices ranging from $2 -$4.  Nope, it isn't cheap but neither is the real theater!  lol

We are going to set up some extra chairs and maybe move the t.v. to make it more theater-like.  The girls are so excited and can't wait to get to Friday!!

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